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Generating Ad
I trained AI to think like meI’ve been “feeding” AI my ads from 6 figure businesses for months until I was happy with the results.

I've spent 14 years writing Search ads. And it's a fact that the perfect Google Search ad has to be based on your keywords. With, you provide the keywords and get multiple high-performing Search ads. Easily import them into your account, and you’re ready.

I write from 500-100 ads per week. I used to set aside days to work on ads alone. Now I do it in about 2 hours. You can create 100 ads in about 15 minutes and 34 seconds. Yes, I counted.

We are on a mission

To make creating ads a breeze and free up your time

Great ad quality
The higher the ad quality, the higher your ad is shown. You will also pay less for clicks since Google rewards quality. I tested this tool on my own accounts. I get above average scores 95% of the time. It's like having your personal Search ads expert.
Write ads in any language
Do you speak all languages? Our tool does. Don't get me started on different languages. Not only you have to translate ads, but they have to be within the length limit (you know what I'm talking about). Now you don't have to worry about it.
Save hours writing ads
Writing ads takes time and it's not the most fun task. But ads are important, they get clicks. But if you have 1000 keywords, that means 1000 ads. If you spent 1 minute to write 1 ad, that's 16 hours. Hours that can be spent optimising campaigns.
Write better ads
Write better ads
Write better ads

How does it work?

Easier than you think. Only 3 steps to your ad success.

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Connect your Google Ads account.
Enter your keywords and click generate ads.
Import generated ads into your account with one click.
Step 1Connect your Google Ads account.
Step 2Enter your keywords and click generate ads.
Step 3Import generated ads into your account with one click.
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What our clients say

Here’s what our first users are saying after trying out our product.

Picture of Roberto C.
"We run ads in several countries and translating those was pain in the a**. Freelancers changed often and I had to explain over and over what I want. Found this tool on Product Hunt. Was hesitant at first, I mean, AI again :). But since it's free, thought what the heck. Was surprised how well it handled different languages and stayed within a symbol limit of search ads. Bye bye spreadsheets for translations."
Roberto C. FerryHopper
Picture of Derk S.
"I work with several marketing teams and consulting other businesses. We use bunch of tools, including AI for texts, but the problem was copy/paste each time we generate an ad. Too much manual work. Was looking for something that integrates with Google Ads to make it easier and bam, found this one. The product needs some work, but I can import generated ads directly into account, which is a huge time saver for my team. Two thumbs up!"
Derk S. Marketing leader
Picture of Darius Z.
"I don't have time to figure out Google ads as I'm busy with my studio. I used to have just one ad for all my keywords, thinking this is how it's supposed to be. Also, not sure what is a good ad. My friend recommended to try this tool and I couldn't be happier. I know my keywords, but I'm bad at writing. Highly recommended!"
Darius Z. Dance studio owner